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Pennington Massage Clinic providing pain relief, healing and restoration for chronic pain, repetitive strain and restricted motion through massage therapy treatment.


Todd delivers on the promise of pain relief

I am someone who gets massages not as a “treat” but as a therapy for chronic pain. If you’re looking for relaxation massage in a hip location with lots of Asian chic decor and talk about your qi then look elsewhere. This is more akin to a medical practitioner’s office than spa parlor. What matters to me is that Todd delivers on the promise of pain relief. He helped me adjust my posture, worked trigger points in my neck and thigh. He is mechanically very good at what he does and has an intuitive sense for finding key fascia and problem muscle tissues. I highly recommend him for pain relief.

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Massage FAQs

What are your rates?

For massage we charge $90 an hour. Receiving bodywork at regular intervals is truly an investment in your health and well-being. Consider massage therapy sessions a necessary part of your personal healthcare plan.Read more...

How long will it take me to feel better?

Feeling “better” is usually easy to achieve. Most people feel better after just one or two sessions. Read more...

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