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Todd has kept me moving and enjoying life

I am now 69, I have seen Todd Pennington of Pennington Massage for over 15 years and credit my ease of movement and my ability to keep working to Todd. I frequently walk several miles in a day and work 40 hours a week. I come when I need to , sometimes it is only a few times a year. There have been car accidents and other events that have been major challenges for me and Todd Pennington has kept me moving and enjoying life. He is effective and gentle in his work, he works with me and honors my limits and can get my muscles to relax. I strongly recommend Todd Pennington to keep your body tuned up and to recover from muscle pain. If you want to contact me for a personal testimonial please contact Todd to get my phone number.

Myofascial Muscle Release Testimonial

About Myofascial Release

Myofascial muscle release can be achieved through targeted muscle release which is very effective in relieving pain and returning mobility. This manual massage technique releases the bonds between fascia and muscles with the goal of eliminating pain and increasing range of motion. The following massage therapy testimonial for Pennington Massage speaks to fascia muscle release:

Not Your Average Massage Therapist

Mr. Todd Pennington has shown himself to not be your average massage therapist. His approach of targeted muscle release (myofascial release) is far more effective in rapidly gaining flexibility and pain reduction. His knowledge of the interaction of muscles and bone positions allows him to provide quick results, and also has a lasting effect. I was very impressed with his techniques and their results.
– Timothy J. Woller D.D.S

I recommend him extremely highly

I was limping from the after-effects of a bad ankle sprain when I first began to see Todd. Pain in the area around my achilles tendon and many tight muscles in my calve had made it impossible to walk normally without severe pain. I got immediate relief from the first time that he worked on me, and that first time gave me a preview of Todd’s practical, effective and high-level approach. Not only did I get the immediate relief and the beginnings of a return to full function, I also had other affected areas of the body released as well. Since benefitting from Todd’s expertise, I have gone on to do many active things, including mountain-climbing and, now, playing tennis at a strong club (4.0) level. As a 45-year-old wanting to improve my tennis game, Todd’s services have been immensely helpful, providing a foundation of fitness and recovery as I was able to put in the work to improve from a 3.0 to 4.0 level over the last 2 years.

Two months ago, after extensive travel, I went to the tennis court and overdid it, wrenching my lower back badly. After having Todd help me, and being diligent with stretching and strengthening exercises for the core/lower back, I have been back on the tennis court, playing as well as ever, and feeling very good on the tennis court and off the court afterwards. Todd has helped in both increasing my capability and in recovery as I continue to work to improve my tennis game. I recommend him extremely highly!

– Gene

I feel so much better for it

I found Pennington Massage by Groupon Now.  My arms were sore from doing a bunch of yard work and so I just wanted someone, anyone to massage them for a bit. When I walked in the door and met Todd he took one look at me and said your neck is bothering you, isnt it?  My neck has hurt for years and I have had countless of massages and chiropractic treatments getting pretty good relief.  Well, Todd runs the business with his wife who is a massage therapist and her speciality is  lymph drainage~ great for anyone who has cancer, especially mastectomies!  But I have not used her.

Anyways, Todd has this technique called Controlled Muscle Massage.  It is not a feel good type of massage.  It is the kind that gets to the problem area and loosens up the knots and fascia so the spine can realign itself.  It is the best massage I have ever gotten as it has taken care of my chronic tight, out of whack neck.  It hurt to have it done at times but I needed it and I feel so much better for it.  Todd is a talker so it is not a relaxing kind of massage but what he does is get feedback from you and he wants you to feel the difference when your body responds so he has you moving your head or getting off the table to feel the difference.

My Mom and my best friend have gone to him multiple times and love what he is able to do for your very tight muscles.  So go to him if you are athletic and need a sport massage or just need to have your tight muscles loosen up a bit.  Know that this is NOT a spa experience but more like a medical massage.  I only wished I had found him sooner! One good thing is you can have your doctor order and insurance can pay for this.  I am so glad I found him by accident on Groupon!  Thanks Todd!

– Carmen M

Todd delivers on the promise of pain relief

I am someone who gets massages not as a “treat” but as a therapy for chronic pain. If you’re looking for relaxation massage in a hip location with lots of Asian chic decor and talk about your qi then look elsewhere. This is more akin to a medical practitioner’s office than spa parlor. What matters to me is that Todd delivers on the promise of pain relief. He helped me adjust my posture, worked trigger points in my neck and thigh. He is mechanically very good at what he does and has an intuitive sense for finding key fascia and problem muscle tissues. I highly recommend him for pain relief.

Best therapeutic massage

Todd gave me the best therapeutic massage. I have had a frozen shoulder and he helped it in one session improve at least 50%. My neck and shoulders were tight and after his massage the ROM and creaking improved significantly.  I made an appointment to return twice a week.  I highly recommend him to anyone with headache, neck, shoulder and back problems, and anyone who thinks they are too stiff.

– Evelyn S

I’ll be back!

I’ve been struggling with intense muscle tension from an ergo problem in my office (limbs falling asleep, headaches, shoulder pain, extreme fatigue, etc.), and after an hour with Todd, I feel better than I have in months. He explained the various problems he saw and what he could do to correct them. He told me what he could do to help me and laid out a specific treatment plan. Thank Goodness! I’ll be back!

– Kelie M

The most kind and sincere people I’ve ever met

I am an active, healthy person but the more I exercised the tighter my leg muscles got  (stretching, potassium, protein and foam rolling did not help a bit). It got so bad,  I decided to get a massage even though I couldn’t afford it at the time. I found Pennington Massage Clinic on Yelp and made an appointment.

I still can’t believe it, but after my first massage, my leg was 50% better! Todd Pennington located the cause of the problem and released the frozen leg muscles. He uses alternating deep tissue pressure that is easier to tolerate (less painful) than other techniques I have endured.

In addition to treatment, Pennington Massage is big on prevention. Todd showed me that I am somewhat hyper-mobile and that I have been hyper-extending my joints which has caused my muscles to try to support them. I essentially had frozen body.  With this information I have been able to change my sitting, standing, resting habits and to stop re-injuring myself. I now do joint strengthening isolation exercises plus maintenance massage therapy at Pennington Massage Clinic.

I have been to several appointments now and can attest to the fact that they are fully committed to what they do. Todd also provides massage therapy for MS patients and his wife Pam is an experienced cancer patient massage therapist. You can trust Todd and his wife Pam 110%. They are two of the most kind and sincere people I’ve ever met.

– Amy C

Very grateful I found this service

Pennington Massage has helped me so many times when I have been completely locked up with painful muscles. They usually get me in that day and are very generous with their time on my behalf. I keep returning to see Todd because in spite of the severity of my back or neck pain, he works out the problem. I am very grateful I found this service.’

– Pam S

Very knowledgeable about the body

A person or business has to be way beyond average for me to recommend him/her/them. I have been to a number of LMT’s in my life, but one Licensed Massage Therapist in particular stands out. Todd Pennington, LMT is his name. Mr. Pennington was originally trained as an electrical engineer but switched professions some years ago. Like an engineer, if you want him to, he can be some-what intense; no fu-fu New Age, Music, incense, poster or Psychobabble in his office. He is both serious and very knowledgeable about the body. He also is great at relaxation massage.

– John B

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