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  • Are you tired of living with chronic pain?
  • Is your job at risk due to reduced range of motion?
  • Has pain and stiffness forced you to limit your activities?
  • Do you want to prevent sports injuries and speed up fitness recovery?
  • Have you seen doctors, had tests and still have no answers for your pain?
  • Have you found that relaxation massages do not provide lasting relief?
  • Are you ready to start feeling better and get your lifestyle back?

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Get Your Lifestyle Back!
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Neck & Shoulder Pain Therapy
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Get out of pain and get back to living the life you want!

Pennington Massage is not your typical massage therapy clinic. We specialize in problem-solving approaches that quickly address the most fundamental of soft tissue pain and movement dysfunction — the impairments that are most often overlooked, underestimated and misunderstood.

In many cases, conventional medicine tends to focus on alleviating symptoms rather than seeking out and treating the true cause of your pain. The solutions are likely to be found by getting back to basics with skilled, no-nonsense hands-on treatment…a common sense approach to pain relief.

We know that by the time you find us, you have probably told your story to several different healthcare providers. We know how frustrating unsolved pain can be, as is lack of progress, insurance restrictions and the impact your pain or injury is having on your life. We are ready to work with you in your care and to help get you back to the life you want.

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All About Todd Pennington

LMT (Oregon License #3833)
Therapeutic Massage: $90/hr
Todd is a local Licensed Massage Therapist and owner of Pennington Massage Clinic For more than 23 years Todd has helped people with chronic pain and difficult-to-treat musculoskeletal injuries as well as scar tissue restrictions. Todd believes in the practice of massage as treatment for pain. He is dedicated to providing clients with therapeutic treatments that are customized to their individual needs. Todd has built his practice on trust and experience and is inspired by the positive changes that his massage methods have made in the lives of many clients, young and old.

Our Approach

It should first be said that a healthy body doesn't hurt when touched. If pressure is applied to muscles and tenderness is felt, this is an indication that therapeutic attention is needed.

The techniques we use support the idea that our muscles, bones and connective tissue are a brilliant system of pulleys and levers that can be treated for restriction and put back into balance. Typically, sessions may include combinations of myofascial release, trigger point therapy, joint mobilization, and clinical deep tissue massage. Although we approach massage as treatment rather than simply relaxation, our clients are often relaxed after their massages because they simply feel so much better! Whenever possible, we will suggest how you can best care for yourself between sessions to bolster the massage work we do. Giving clients simple and effective self-care program is essential for achieving optimal results. Our ultimate goal is to help you feel better as quickly as possible.

People sometimes describe the pressure that we use as “more manageable” than other massage therapists ” or “the good hurt”. Too much pressure can be counterproductive as your body will resist and elicit a protective response.

Whether you are an athlete in training or struggling with pain from injury, neglect, repetitive strain or working at a computer — or if you need proactive treatment to be able to do your work (plumbers, carpet layers, contractors) — or if you are retired and wishing for pain-free mobility — discover how our results-oriented massage therapy can help you perform better and feel better now!

  • Massage Your Way to Better Balance
  • Physical Therapy for Fibromyalgia
  • Massage Away Leg Pain
  • Free Your Muscles from the Painful Grip of Tension

There can be hope of change! If the problem is due to muscle tightness, then our methods of NeuroMuscular Therapy and Muscle Release Therapy are likely to help. Contact us at 503-244-4427 to talk about your needs.


I feel so much better for it

I found Pennington Massage by Groupon Now. My arms were sore from doing a bunch of yard work and so I just wanted someone, anyone to massage them for a bit. When I walked in the door and met Todd he took one look at me and said your neck is bothering you, isnt it?

The most kind people I’ve ever met

I am an active, healthy person but the more I exercised the tighter my leg muscles got (stretching, potassium, protein and foam rolling did not help a bit). It got so bad, I decided to get a massage even though I couldn’t afford it at the time. I found Pennington Massage Clinic on Yelp and made an appointment. I still can’t believe it, but after my first massage, my leg was 50% better!

I feel like a new person

I’ve had numerous muscular problems – neck and arm stiffness – restricted motion in hands, feet and knees – for many years due to shortness of leg and a very physical job.Todd has been able to bring back my mobility – over time – working at a pace that I direct – He is gentle but is able to work with me within my tolerances.

I recommend him extremely highly!

I was limping from the after-effects of a bad ankle sprain when I first began to see Todd. Pain in the area around my achillies tendon and many tight muscles in my calve had made it impossible to walk normally without severe pain. I got immediate relief from the first time that he worked on me, and that first time gave me a preview of Todd’s practical, effective and high-level approach.

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Massage FAQs

What are your rates?

For therapeutic massage we charge $90 an hour. Receiving bodywork at regular intervals is an investment in your health and well-being. Consider massage therapy sessions a necessary part of your personal healthcare plan. Read more...

How long will it take me to feel better?

Feeling “better” is usually easy to achieve. Most people feel better after just one or two sessions. Read more...

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